Tips On Half Sleeve Tattoos For Women

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Half sleeve tattoos designs are quite fashionable and represent the modern day style in every unique way. Many women prefer to get their arms tattooed with some interesting and colorful designs so that their upper arms do not look bare. Half sleeve tattoos for women have been gaining a lot of appreciation these days.

Women today do not bother about wearing sleeve less tops – they get tattooed to cover their sleeves anyways! However, when it is about the process of getting a half-sleeve tattoo done, the following important tips can be really helpful:

  • First, decide which part of your arm you need a tattoo to appear. Usually women prefer to get their upper arm tattooed because it gives them more space to design a half sleeve tattoo.
  • Next important factor is to decide a theme for the half sleeve tattoo. Many tattoo artists advise on having a common theme instead of combining multiple themes for a half sleeve design.
  • It might also be useful to get tattooed with smaller designs belonging to the same theme. Once all of the designs are done on your sleeve, you can get them connected with simple lines or a contrasting background. The number of smaller designs would however depend on the theme you choose.
  • Getting a suitable theme that works for your sleeve may be critical. You should consult a tattoo artist to help in deciding which half sleeve tattoo design will suit you the best.
  • Arms are softer parts of body and one may not resist the pain for long while getting tattooed. So, most women prefer to get the entire design to appear on their sleeves in more than one session.

12 Beautiful Half Sleeve Tattoos  


Beautiful Girl With Sleeve Tattoo

Beautiful Tattoo Girl

Different Patterns  Half Sleeve Tattoo

Flower With Leaves Tattoo Design

Flower With Leaves Tattoo Design

Half Sleeve Designer Flower Tattoo

Half Sleeve Tattoo On One Arm

Lotus Flower Tattoo Half Sleeve

Music Flowers Tattoo Half Sleeve

Skull Flower Tattoo Design

Cool Sleeve Tattoos For Girls

Star Wars Designer Tattoo

Tiger Style Half Sleeve Tattoo

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