15 Tattoo Ideas for Women – A Visual Delight !

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Interesting Tattoo Ideas 

Women are quite fond of tattoos, in the sense they love to look colorful all over their body. Whether it is their arms, body, forehead, neck, feet, or any other body part, you will find women etched all over with different inks. Colorful tattoos on women are definitely a visual delight. Here is a list of few interesting tattoo ideas for women that make everyone notice them.

Tattoos on arms – Women are fond of tattoos on their arms. Starting from a Barbie design or a combination of fairy tale faces, arms blended with multiple colors is a common fashion trend today among women.

Tattoos on back of body – Many women prefer backless attire yet with a brightly appearing tattoo on their back.  Tattoos with shades of trees, ocean, mountain, flowers and many more just look bright on their back.

Tattoos on the belly – When it comes to getting etched with colors, women prefer tattoos on their belly to make a difference in their appearance. While one can have smaller belly tattoos such as a star, fish or a flower, women also prefer to cover the entire belly with more gigantic designs.

Tattoos on forehead – Women forehead is another visual delight when tattoos with ornamental designs. However, tattoo designs for their forehead are no more limited to simple designs and can be anything, including a strap of letters or a symbol.

Tattoos on feet – Many women also prefer to be tattooed on their feet. Despite the size of feet, smaller designs of tattoos just look so wonderful and fascinating on women. Most women prefer tattoo colors on their feet that match their footwear designs or are entirely contrasting for a visual appeal.

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